I had the opportunity to eat at The Truck Stop a few nights ago… The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) speaks about Ritzy to Roadside – this was straight Roadside.

The ambience was really cool.  It was outdoors under a huge tree over looking the traffic on West Kings House Road .

Now you need to take in to consideration that this place is in the heart of Kingston, so its best to enjoy the surrounding distractions.  This includes the traffic, the lights, the horns and anything else that the city throws at you.

Candles where place on the table as the night fell making it a little more personal (maybe even romantic).

The music was barely noticeable.  Soft and soothing… it was a place for conversation.  Can you hold a decent conversation??? Lol

The food was ok but Jerk should be spicy off the fire.  Truck Stop’s jerk was not really spicy but you were given the jerk sauce to spice it to your taste.

My waitress was really cool.  She was very helpful

‘All in all’ the place was nice but the food wasn’t the greatest…

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