RIU Montego Bay Jamaica

NO Internet in the room

NO room service

NO Jacuzzi

NO Internet – sorry, I said that already lol

NO white towels

For a five-star resort I had too many day one complaints.  I got to the room and the TV was on, the AC was on, the ceiling fan was on and all the lights.  This could mean they were prepared for me or this could mean RIU does not understand energy conservation.

The room was nicely prepared and to some extent inviting, however for a five-star resort there was nothing extraordinary.  The clanging of the ceiling fan forced me to turn it off, as it proved annoying.  I can’t say it was the best room I have ever been in but on the bright side, there was plenty of liquor in the mini bar and I mean bottles of Vodka, Appleton Rum and Old Tom Gin, not limited to the local Red Stripe beer, soda water and non alcoholic beverages.

The décor of the restaurants were beautiful, the food was tantalizing but it was not delicious. I like nicely seasoned food and for the most part the food taste bland.  It was difficult to get reservations to the themed restaurants, so I had most meals at the buffet hall.

The Mahoe Bay Restaurant offered the best ambience.  The restaurant has a panoramic view of the most perfect white sand beach being caressed by the calm blue Caribbean Sea with the Sandals Cays in the backdrop.  If you visit, ensure that you eat upstairs to see this really nice view of the property and the beach.

I did get the opportunity to have something from two of the 3 theme restaurants, Little Italy and the Steak House restaurants.  By far my favorite was the Steak House…  Even though the restaurant was fully booked I got a taste of the much-needed steak and shrimp kabob.  That did put a smile on my face.  Thanks Chef!  I must say the hotel and its staff are very willing and accommodative…

The entertainment was really “entertaining” lol

At 9:30 pm, the entertainment area was the place to be.  I must say the nightly shows were exceptionally executed and in some cases I laughed with such vigor that I was left in stitches.  Excellent work to the entertainment co-ordinators!

THE BAR!!!  The drinks at the bar flowed every night without a hitch! The bartenders (Andre and David) proved to be very knowledgeable and capable.  These guys mixed drinks and engaged the visitors at every moment.  They struck lively conversations that are filled with laughter.  These guys were smooth as they made each and every guest feel comfortable and welcomed at the Coconut Bar. It was obvious that these guys where not only co-workers but also great friends and it showed in their team work. Congratulations to management for hiring two of RIU’s best ambassadors.

For Jamaica’s Independence Day, the hotel had an entire day of celebration.  There was a marching band bellowing melodious music…  The guests were given temporary tattoos of the Jamaican flag (didn’t get mine lol)…  There was an exquisite buffet of Jamaican dishes and fruits…  You know all the usual which included ackee and saltfish, jerk chicken, stew pork (yeah… I said stew pork), pear (avocado), jackfruit and much more.  As always — I am proud to be JAMAICAN…

The beach!!! YEAAHHHH!!! Pity there wasn’t a Jacuzzi…

Saw the floating sea shops with sales men peddling their wares of trinkets.

“All in all” my stay was enjoyable but I still think a Jacuzzi is needed in the main pool area and Internet in the rooms.

Some things to try while at RIU

  • Make sure you have a drink at the Coconut Bar with Andre and David.
  • Make sure to check out the nightly entertainment. Show starts at 9:30pm.
  • Make sure to visit Margaritaville.  RIU provides transportation to and from so go get your groove on.
  • Make sure to lie on the beach for a few hours.  Read a book while laying just on the edge of the water soaking in the sun.
  • Make sure to eat at the Steak House restaurant.  The shrimp kabobs are a must have.
  • Make sure to do the disco… Note, if you can’t dance, you can entertain yourself by watching those who can and can’t dance and have a drink while you laugh lol

2 thoughts on “RIU Montego Bay Jamaica

  1. Love your critique of RIU, I had similar experiences there and the bar assistants David and Andre they are superbe at there craft.

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