It seems talking about or even mentioning death gives those around the feeling that you are morbid.

I asked the question “LIFE OR DEATH???” on Facebook and everyone thought something was wrong with me. Everyone chooses Life but why?

Understand, I am in no way considering committing suicide but I find it interesting that MOST people are very fearful of death and they have no idea what death is or what is after death (if anything)…

WHY are we all so afraid of death? Is death good or bad? Some would say “Bad!” — I would say, “How do you know?” No one really knows.

As far as I am concerned, this is one of life’s/death’s BIG questions…

Christians will tell you death is great as long as you are baptized. This is because they believe that only those baptized will end up on the right hand of Christ. They embrace the thought of death, yet most are afraid to die. Why is that???

Jehovah’s Witness will tell you there is no hell and only a few will end up on the right hand of Christ. What does that mean? Life and death is the same? What is the benefit of religion if most of us will remain here on earth?

Life is what we know and the unknown scares us! Death is the unknown factor. Why are we afraid? Because of the unknown… This is how most of us live our lives, fearful of all the unknown factors. Life has a lot of unknowns and we need to embrace them.

I am not saying go out and kill yourself but I am saying, “TAKE A CHANCE AND LIVE WITHOUT FEAR”.

I have always said if I am to die on Maxfield Avenue nothing can stop that from happening. I am not afraid of dying… I am afraid of how I will die.

We could be fearful of something/someplace far greater than what we have now.


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