Having a problem lately thinking about not so stupid things.

My current issue is public restrooms…

1. We shouldn’t need to put up a sign that says, “Please flush”.  That is a given… As a matter of fact, you should even double-check to ensure the toilet was flushed properly.

2. You wash your mouth after a meal, please wash out the sink after.  We really don’t need to see what you had for lunch.

3. You can urinate in the toilet bowl (urinal for men).  The floor is for walking and I don’t need to walk in your “pee”.

4. We understand that passing waste often times smell stink.  Light a match… Nothing more on that.

5. For the men, the urinal is for urinating.  Tissue, hand towel or any other solids won’t flush in the urinal… Urinate and wash your hands and use the damn waste-bin provided.

6. For the women, is it possible to dress completely from your homes?  Women get to work and spend another 20 minutes in the restroom hiding their beauty with makeup.

7. It’s my understanding women don’t sit on the public toilets…  The least you can do is wipe the urine from the seat when you’re done!  Damn it ladies, improve your aim or sit down!

8. Just so you understand, it’s not that I have a problem with you, I just don’t like talking to men while I urinate.  Can we save the chat until I’m finished?

No one should have to say these things…  The condition you keep the restrooms in, is indicative of what you do at home.  Don’t be prim and proper on the outside and a slob on the inside.

Take a minute and check your surroundings before leaving the restroom.

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