During a lunchtime conversation, we discussed pet peeves/annoyances. I thought it interesting some of the things we find annoying…

People are so very different and so much alike… One would think some of these issues apply only to them but we all had at least one issue in common.

Some issues of annoyance;

  • Tooth paste should not be squeezed from the top.
  • After cleaning or using the toilet, the seat should be left dry and closed.
  • Hair should not be left in the bath when you are finished taking a shower. Wash the hair and soap scum from the bath when you are finish.
  • Pack dishes to be washed in the the sink properly (in order of size).
  • Whatever is used after the kitchen is cleaned should be washed by whomever used it.
  • Bed should be spread by the last person to get out of it.
  • Clothes should be pin on the line by size and type
  • Clothes pins should be used in colour order
  • After the house is cleaned (wipe/mop), no one is allowed to walk in the area until its dried

Now, one should understand none of these issues should be taken lightly. What might be nothing or silly to you maybe as serious as a heart attack to someone else. Understanding this will greatly aid in moving a relationship forward or understanding the relationship is at the end.

One thought on “Annoyances

  1. I can see where some of these can cause serious issues in a relationship, however, I have found (in only 4 years of marriage) that these things are not so important in the grand scheme. If you let go of some of these annoyances, you become a happy person. I’ve also learnt to acknowledge the concept of “compromise”. Whenever something become an issue, simply ask yourself, “If you were going to die tomorrow, would it matter?”

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