The Jamaican Phoenix

My thoughts this day are of my kids… They have so much to navigate in these days that we call “Modern Times”;

  • Pedophiles
  • Peer pressure
  • Homosexuality
  • School work way above their level etc

We as adults/parents should ensure they need not worry about;

  • What they are going to eat
  • What they are going wear
  • Will they make it home
  • Where the lunch money is coming from
  • How will they get to school
  • Their parents etc

With all this in mind, we live in a Jamaica where crime is often out of control and sometimes being controlled by those we trust to guide us and take care of our interests.  In other words, these people are in the employ of the “People” for themselves.  People loyal only to themselves and the colours (Orange, Red, Green, Blue etc) they support.

  • Politicians
  • Big Businesses
  • Gang leaders/ Area Dons etc

With Government employees experiencing a wage freeze, cost of living way above current earnings and a shortage of good paying jobs.  What are parents to do???

Those of us who can MUST migrate… It’s the only way to make it! RUN!!! RUN NOW!!!

The others of us have to accept what is offered by our employers. Do we have a choice?  After the “increase” can we;

  • Feed our family
  • Pay to send our kids to school
  • Protect our family
  • Put clothes on our family

If we don’t take the “increase”;

  • The possibility our “Bacra” masters (the IMF) will be very upset and hold monies that the country desperately needs.  All this because of where our “LEADERS” have lead us.
  • The possibility that some of us will lose our jobs
  • The possibility that investors will no longer be running to our shores (easy money)
  • The possibility that we still won’t be able to cover our expenses

It seems we are F***ED…

But don’t be dismayed.  The Phoenix rose from the ashes…

We need to take back our country.  This is possible only if we ensure we educate the children. This is all about foundation.

  • Teach them values and morality
  • Teach them confidence
  • Teach them to be self-reliant
  • Teach them that Politicians can be honest people that serve the people first
  • Teach them that “Informas” aren’t bad people and in some cases they are saviours of a life style. We need to speak if not loudly quietly to the right people

We can save our island paradise, if we we start now.  Start with ourselves, our kids, our extended families and then help one person…

JAMAICA Land We Love!

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