The Jamaican Phoenix

My thoughts this day are of my kids… They have so much to navigate in these days that we call “Modern Times”; Pedophiles Peer pressure Homosexuality School work way above their level etc We as adults/parents should ensure they need not worry about; What they are going to eat What they are going wear Will they make it homeContinue reading “The Jamaican Phoenix”


As I sit here, stand here, think here… It seems nothing is right. Everything is wrong.  Negative is a way of life. But life isn’t complicated… Life is hard. Life is easy. Life is filled with difficult decisions. Life is filled with easy decisions. Life is filled with hurt. Life is filled with love. LifeContinue reading “SITTING HERE”


It seems talking about or even mentioning death gives those around the feeling that you are morbid. I asked the question “LIFE OR DEATH???” on Facebook and everyone thought something was wrong with me. Everyone chooses Life but why? Understand, I am in no way considering committing suicide but I find it interesting that MOSTContinue reading “WONDERING – LIFE OR DEATH???”


I had the opportunity to eat at The Truck Stop a few nights ago… The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) speaks about Ritzy to Roadside – this was straight Roadside. The ambience was really cool.  It was outdoors under a huge tree over looking the traffic on West Kings House Road . Now you need toContinue reading “TRUCK STOP (Jerk Center) JAMAICA”