As I write, I am filled with…

mixed feelings, mixed emotions and conflicts of the heart and soul.

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A new love

An old love

A revived love

A love that must be…

What are your thoughts? No! Your thoughts are not important…

what are my thoughts?

A heart in turmoil…

A soul in turmoil…

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Why, when the answer is obvious… The answer is clear…

I need to let go and give myself

I need to confess my love and fall to my knees

I need you my love…

I need you JESUS!



I think about the things I’ve done

The things I’ve asked of others

The things I’ve asked of myself

The things I’ve done wrong

The things I’ve done right

The things I want

The things I need

I think about the hurt these things have caused

I think about the way forward, after looking at these things

I think about past things and future things

The then things and the now things

A complicated existence of things caused by a complicated life with things but with a clear future of things

Clear… clear as mud or clear as crystal

Clear… things that are clear or not… hmm


Relationship Lessons

I have learned some truths as it relates to relationships and possible ways to keep them stable. I am by no means saying this is everyone’s truth.  I am by no means saying this is new information.  I am saying, this maybe valuable to some.  Relationships take work…


The disclaimer… there is a fine line between love and infatuation.  Some relationships are doomed before they start for different reasons.

  • It’s wrong to start a relationship for physical reasons – Doomed to fail
  • It’s wrong to start a relationship for monetary gain – Doomed to fail
  • It’s wrong to start a relationship for family – Doomed to fail

We sometimes fall in love with the wrong person.  These relationships hurt when they end but life will go on.  Truth be told, sometimes even TRUE LOVE HURTS.  The difficulty is, how do you know what is real and what is infatuation.

Many may say this information isn’t new but many will also admit to not living according to these truths.  How many of us have failed relationships because we didn’t apply the most important of these well known truths.  How many of us have lost loves because we didn’t apply the most important of these well known truths

Real love is like a diamond. It’s rare to find, rough at first and beautiful when cut and cleaned.  After the diamond is cut and cleaned, it becomes desirous.  Protect your diamond…  Protect your love…  Take these well know tips and keep your diamond clean.

  • Take time off to spend with the one you love.  Do regular date nights, drive outs, dinners, movies, plays anything that you both love doing. Note, this is most important, NO KIDS!  Spending time together ensures you both remember how it was when you first fell in love.
  • One car!  Yes, we can afford two or three cars but this can drive a wedge between you and the one you love.  We leave early and get home late.  The reality is, we need to be able to talk everyday.  Life can get very busy and that commute time gets very precious.  Traffic can cause us to get miserable and even angry.  These are the emotions that we take that home.  Travel with your love, bond in conversation and make traffic tolerable.
  • Say “I love you” often and not just say it but feel it.  We all assume that our partner knows they are loved.  NO! Never leave anything to chance.  Tell them everyday… Show them everyday… never assume your partner knows
  • Let the world know he/she is loved.  Be public in your affection.  Hold hands, hug, send special gifts.  Call just to say “I care about you”, “I appreciate you”, “You are my life”
  • Now this is my favourite… Sleep together. Cuddle. Spoon. If it gets hot buy an Air conditioning unit.  A hug/cuddle is the best way to feel your partner, feel their love and allow them to feel your love. Feel them, smell them, touch them, it makes the love stronger, it makes one look forward to the next night.
  • Listen! Sometimes your partner is crying out to you and you are just not taking the time to listen.  Now I will admit this is a failing on my part, so this truth is from the heart.  Listen to your partner.  Hear what is said and what is not said.  Body language! Facial expressions!  Words! Listen…
  • Talk… Talk about your day
  • Talk… Talk about rubbish
  • Talk… Talk about each other
  • Talk… Don’t be afraid to sit in the bathroom with your love and TALK


When you find your love, hold on…  Please not too tightly.  You do not want to strangle the relationship.  Remember to TALK… TALK… TALK…

My Deressa

God gave us a gift

The gift of an Angel

An Angel we named Deressa Danae Campbell.  An Angel we called Chu-ku, Der Der, Pinky, Pum Pum, Boo, Baby Girl, Mi Baby…

(Yes… way too much for one little Angel)

deressaA pair of the most beautiful deep black eyes that was always filled with attitude, sentiment and tenderness

A captivating smile that filled us with love and happiness

A laugh that filled our hearts, our home and our lifes

A larger than life personality

A gentle giant, trapped in a small stature

Our reason for everything

Our everything everyday

Our everyday, everyday

Returned to our Lord

An Angel by God’s side


The mask we wear to hide the pain

The pain that tears us up inside

The pain that makes the simple tasks unbearable

The pains of love

The pains of loss

The pains of family

The pains

We hide these pains with the mask of a smile

We hide these pains with the mask of a joke

The mask we wear prevents others from consoling us, being there for us, Loving us

The mask we wear that gives the impression that all is well. Leaving us with issues that are never dealt with, leaving a wound untreated, leaving a soul crying

The mask saves us

The mask protects us

The mask is a blessing

The mask is a curse



So many words from Oxford

So many words from Collins

Yet words aren’t easily found

So much to say

To say you’re important

To say you matter

To say you make me happy

To say you are a friend and confidante


Words can hurt, cut deeper than any knife

Words can heal, better that any physician

Words can take you to places you have never been

Words can open hearts or tear them out

Seek your words

Choose wisely

Speak clearly



So many thoughts, none coherent

Should I

Do I

Will I

What happened?

A smile from yesterday

A thought for today

A wonder for tomorrow

I find myself trying to avoid the uncomfortable situations

I find myself trying to avoid showing feelings

I find myself dying

I find myself healing

I care

I love

I hurt

I want

I must let go

I must hold on

Laying beside my love

As I lay here beside my love

My heart races with love

I see our past

I see our present

I want our future

I want to touch you and say I will forever love you but fearful of rejection I lay in the dark and listen to you breathe.

My heart races with love

The possibility of rejection pains me

Makes each breath harder

Makes each thought clearer

Makes me realize I am nothing without you

I miss you

I miss your love

I miss your compassion

I miss your laugher

I miss your smile

I miss that I used to make you happy

Blind OR NOT

You think I can’t see you?

You think me a fool?

I see you…

Not every quiet moment means I am asleep.

Not every quiet moment means I am a fool.

Not every quiet moment means I don’t see YOU.

I see you…

I hear you…

I feel you…


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